Youth Leadership
Seventh grade is the average level of education for a Mazahua child. Children who leave school at a young age are more likely to marry early and earn low paying wages. The Youth Leadership program is a weekend program designed to encourage children in their education through tutoring, mentoring, and spiritual discipleship.
 Since 1997, MVM has provided scholarships and/or housing for more than 150 students. Many of these students are leaders in their churches and communities today. By giving these children hope in God and a future, our desire is that they will learn to be successful in life and also give back to their churches and communities.
This school year (2015-2016), MVM continues the weekend Youth Leadership program by providing mentoring, tutoring, and scholarships to thirty-two students ages 9-19 years old.
Sponsor a Mazahua child and give them hope for a future.
MVM intern, David Ramirez, shares a Bible study with students
Congratulations to MVM student, Samuel Canales, who was awarded the Presea a la Juventud by the county of San Felipe del Progreso. As a high school senior he was chosen because of his accomplishments in leadership, service, and academic excellence. Above right, Samuel is accepting his award from the mayor of San Felipe. Samuel was also awarded first place at the National Fair of Science and Engineering for creating an app that translates Mazahua and Spanish. We are so proud of his achievements! He is an inspiration to all of our students!
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