In the spirit of the Apostle Paul and his missionary vision, Project Pablo was initiated to help pastors start a small business or build a home. In Mexico, most churches do not have enough money to support a fulltime pastor. Therefore, the majority of pastors must subsidize their pastoral work through other employment.
 Pablo's Home Dedication
Mission team members from Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, MN,
share in the celebration. 

The goal of Project Pablo is to provide funds to support the ministry of these pastors who, like the Apostle Paul, work passionately to build congregations, but also struggle to provide for themselves and their families. We hope that through this program pastors will be able to dedicate more time to pastoral work, providing stability to the church, spiritual growth to its members, and outreach to the community.

The first home was built in 2006 for Pastor Pablo and Berenice Gonzalez and their three children. Pablo and Berenice are pastors of a small congregation called Mount Zion in a community called, La Mesa, far up in the mountains. Most of the men have left the village to find work leaving the women to care for and raise the children.
Putting the concrete floor into the church of Mount
Zion; done while volunteers from Calvary Lutheran
Church (Golden Valley, MN) were visiting.
In 1997, six weeks after Tacho and Sally initiated Mazahua Valley Ministries, Samuel and Eva Eugenio joined their team. From 1997-2010, Samuel worked as the operational director, and Eva supervised the meal preparation and cleaning of the facilities for students and groups. Most importantly, Samuel & Eva have served as missionaries, church planters and pastors in the Mazahua Valley.

During their years at MVM, Samuel, Eva, and their three children lived on-site which was a great support to Tacho and Sally in serving the many needs that arise each day. But Eva had always dreamed that someday the family would have their own home in San Cristóbol, the village where they grew up. In February 2010, that dream became a reality through the partnership of MVM, Calvary Lutheran Church, Samuel and Eva, their local church, community, and family. It was a team effort!
The majority of Mazahua pastors do not receive a salary, and must work during the week to support their families while also tending to the needs of their congregation. Pastor Herminio grows and sells his own produce in the local markets. This greenhouse will allow him to grow
vegetables throughout the entire year expanding his small business, even in the wintery months when there is frost due to the high altitude.